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The Cadet Youth Foundation (CYF) is an associated non-profit organization that provides cadets with financial assistance for summer camp and purchases items that can not be obtained with state funds.  The CYF relies on donations and memberships to do this, there are life time memberships avaliable for a one time donation of $1000,  there are currently six life time members.  As Summer Camp approaches the CYF is seeking donations and members to help fund this experience.
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The MISSION of the California Cadet Corps (CACC) is to provide California schools and students with a quality educational and leadership development program that prepares students for success in college and the work force.

The mission is accomplished through the six core OBJECTIVES of the California Cadet Corps:

To develop Leadership.
To engender Citizenship.
To encourage Patriotism.
To foster Academic Excellence.
To teach Basic Military Knowledge.
To promote Health, Fitness, and Wellness.

And those objectives are supported by the GOALS of the California Cadet Corps:
(as exemplified in our CADET CODES shown below)

Loyalty - To self, others, and civic and government institutions.
Education - The success of all cadets in academic endeavors, including staying in school and pursuing higher education.
Ambition - Striving for excellence and lofty goals.
Duty - Lifelong habits of responsible behavior, excellent attendance, and punctuality.
Enthusiasm - A zest for life's challenges.
Respect - cooperation with school and public policies, regulations, and laws and respect for the dignity of all persons as well as an appreciation for the rich heritage of America and California.
Service - To others, our state, our nation, and world.
Health - Fitness and wellness, including avoidance of gangs, illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
Integrity - Positive choices by cadets with regards to private and public behavior.
Personal courage - Say no to that which is wrong and stand up for what is right.

(spelling out the mnemonic device LEADERSHIP)


  • 03 March 2015
    The Summer Camp Training Unit Assignments has been posted, the document can be viewed in the Summer Camp Section.

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  • 28 February 2015
    A new memorandum regarding ACTA has been published, it can be viewed in the Memoranda Section.

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  • 28 February 2015
    Circular 010-1415-009, Basic Commandant Training Academy has been published.  It can be viewed in the Circulars Section

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  • 24 February 2015
    The February Information Bulletin has been published, it can be found in the Information Bulletin section.  Lots of important information is in the bulletin.  Please encourage all Adult and Cadet personnel to read the bulletin.

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  • 23 February 2015
    Applications for adult summer camp positions are now being accepted.  To apply download CACC form 205 from the Forms Section, fill out the PDF then save the file and email it to

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  • 23 February 2015
    The list of units invited to compete in the 2015 State Drill Competition has been posted and can be viewed in the Drill Competition section.

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  • 08 February 2015
    CACC enlisted commandant personnel are welcome to attend the State Military Reserve training program the weekend of 17-19 April at Camp Parks in Dublin, CA (Northern California) for any of the following courses: Basic Non-commissioned Officer, Advanced Non-commissioned Officer, or Senior Non-commissioned Officer.  If you need one of these courses for promotion, this is a RARE OPPORTUNITY to take advantage of the offering.  Travel will be reimbursed, which is also a rare opportunity, so if you are interested, please notify LTC Ryan at NLT COB 2 March 2015.

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  • 3 February 2015
     Circular 010-1415-008, IMA/Drill Competition, has been published.  The circular can be viewed in the Circular Section.

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  • 18 January 2015
    Revised versions of Form 15 and the Annual General Inspection Rubic have been published.  These forms will be used in this years Annual General Inspections, all commandants are urged to become familiar with the updated versions.  The forms can be found in the Forms Section of the Document Library.

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  • 15 January 2015

    For what I believe to be the first time in CACC history, the California Cadet Corps will be featured in a chapter in a peer-reviewed book on leadership development.  A chapter about the California Cadet Corps model, "Leadership Education at the Middle and High School Levels" has been accepted for publication in the upcoming book, Innovative Management Education Pedagogies for Preparing Next-Generation Leaders.

    This is particularly exciting because the chapter tells a global audience about how effective the California Cadet Corps is at developing leadership in young people.  The book will be published in fall 2015.

    I am still doing some editing on the chapter and could still use any "testimonials" I might include in the chapter on how the CACC has impacted the leadership development of young people, particularly from the perspective of successful adults who are former cadets.  If you would like to write such a testimonial, please send it to me by 30 Jan at

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